Online Analytics
Module Description

Online shopping is more relevant than ever today, it is thriving, and it is a market that continues to grow year over year. Unfortunately, with the increase in sales comes the problem of taking in-season decision of when to put a style on an offer, discontinue it, market aggressively, re-order it. These decisions are crucial since it directly impacts the revenue uplifts for each sales partner.

This online analytics report is built for e-commerce brands to accelerate their business and help brands take intelligent actionable for each style for every sales partner by recommending data-backed actions at a very granular level.

It analyzes the sales KPIs (quantity sold) and the online metrics (page views) data for a particular period and recommends actions like Re-ordering, Marketing, Liquidating & Killing against each style code for every sales partner.

If wrong data has been uploaded by mistake, then the Data Deletion feature can be used to delete the data. This data will be lost forever, so ensure that a backup has been taken before deletion.


Note : Please check file formats page for input formats