Regional Utilization
tune Settings

End Date (YYYY-MM-DD). The module will consider the sales on and before the specified date.

Number of days of sales to be considered for RU analysis from the last sale day.
Styles selling beyond this quantity in the analysis period will beconsidered for analysis.
SKUs selling beyond this quantity in the analysis period will be considered for analysis.

Flag to completely fill the capacity of your regional warehouses.
file_upload Data Uploads
Major attributes like brand, category, sub-category and price bucket
List of articles exposed and in warehouse for the analysis duration
Category Size Sets
Size sets (in ascending order) for each category
EANs of each style
RU Sales
Daily customer pincode level Sales
Partner Pincode-Warehouse Map
Pincode-ideal source warehouse mapping for each sales channel
Regional Warehouse Details
Stock capacity and days of cover for each regional warehouse
Regional Warehouse Stock
Last day regional warehouse stock
Mother Warehouse Stock
Mother warehouse stocks that needs to be distributed among regional warehouses
Regional Warehouse Priority (Optional)
Priority to be assigned to regional warehouses
Parent Child SKU Mapping (Optional)
Mapping of child to parent SKUs
delete_sweep RU Sale Deletion
Select ALL to delete sales of all partners.
subject Logs
No logs to show